Professionally, I am a Docker Captain , {code} Catalysts by Dell EMC and a frequent blogger, co-author & Senior LQ contributor who loves to write about Open Source(Linux, Docker, Virtualization and Cloud). Currently, I am working as a Technical Lead Engineer  in Enterprise Group @ DellEMC having 9+ years of solid understanding of a diverse range of IT infrastructure, systems management, systems integration and quality assurance. I am a VCP 4.1 certified Engineer too. I love sharing my exploration with Docker through this website.

Few Influential Contributions:

  1. Building the First CentOS 7.2 Docker image on Raspberry Pi 3
  2. Building Dell Agent Free Out of Band Monitoring System using OOB
  3. Building the First Nagios Docker Image for Raspberry Pi 3
  4. Building the First Prometheus Docker Image for Raspberry Pi 3
  5. Monitoring Dell Infrastructure using Docker Container
  6. Deep Dive into Docker 1.12 Swarm Mode Networking

My Professional portfoliohttps://in.linkedin.com/in/ajeetsraina

My Docker Public Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1585441721723792/

Moderator Dell Oracle Solaris Wiki

Featured Posts in Docker Weekly:  Docker Weekly

My Writings:

Service Discovery & Load Balancing under Docker 1.12

Monitoring Dell infrastructure using Docker containers and microservices

Docker Heading towards Enterprise IT

 Open Source For You

Co-Authored/Reviewed Books:

PowerCLI Cookbook

Puppet for Containerization