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Running Redis on 5-Node Docker Swarm Cluster in 2 Minutes

Redis refers to REmote DIctionary Server. It is an open source, in-memory Data Structure Store, used as[…]

2019 Year in Review: The Rise of Pico, Collabnix Slack & DockerLabs

2019 was a transformational year for Collabnix. With major initiatives like DockerLabs, Pico project & Slack, the[…]

Kubernetes Monitoring & Best Practices Talk at Sumo Logic Bengaluru User Group

Last Friday, I was invited by Sumo Logic to talk around Kubernetes Monitoring & Best Practices. Around[…]

The Rise of Pico: At the Grace Hopper Celebration India

The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC) is a series of conferences designed to bring[…]

Multi-Node K3s Cluster on NVIDIA Jetson Nano in 5 Minutes

If you are looking out for lightweight Kubernetes which is easy to install and perfect for Edge,[…]

Docker workshop on Raspberry Pi – University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun

On the 3rd of October, I travelled to UPES Dehradun(around 1500 miles) for 1 day session on[…]

Building Your First Certified Kubernetes Cluster On-Premises (Part 3) – Support of Kubernetes on Windows

In Part 1 of this blog series, I demonstrated how to deploy a certified Kubernetes cluster on-premises[…]

Docker 19.03 comes to NVIDIA Jetson Nano

Did you know? In the latest Docker 19.03 Release, a new flag –gpus have been added for[…]

Installing Docker Engine 19.03 on Raspberry Pi 3 in 2 Minutes

Docker is officially supported both on Raspberry Pi 3 and 4. Installing Docker is just a matter[…]

Unboxing 3.5” Touch Screen RPi LCD for Raspberry Pi 3 in 2 Minutes

If you have ever conducted Docker on Raspberry Pi workshop during the Meetup event, you surely understand[…]

A Complete Guide to build Certified Kubernetes Cluster using Docker Enterprise 3.0 on Bare Metal System – Part-I

Did you know? Over 800+ enterprise organizations use Docker Enterprise for everything from modernizing traditional applications to[…]

Kubernetes Cluster on Bare Metal System Made Possible using MetalLB

If you try to setup Kubernetes cluster on bare metal system, you will notice that Load-Balancer always[…]

Top 5 Cool Projects around Docker, Raspberry Pi & Blinkt! ~ Monitoring Docker Swarm using LEDs – Part I

Two week back, I travelled to Jaipur, around 1000+ miles from Bangalore for delivering one of Docker[…]

Docker Enterprise 3.0: Now with New Built-in Docker cluster CLI Plugin

Last Dockercon, dozens of new Docker CLI Plugin were introduced. All of these CLI plugins will be[…]

How to Deploy Apache Kafka on AWS Platform using Docker Swarm Mode?

I am thrilled and excited to start a new open source project called “Pico”. Pico is a[…]

How to create a Local Private Docker Registry on Play with Docker in 5 Minutes?

DockerHub is a service provided by Docker for finding and sharing container images with your team. It[…]

Running Docker Containers on EC2 A1 Instances powered by Arm-Based AWS Graviton Processors

2 week back, I wrote a blog post on how Developers can now build ARM containers on[…]

How I built ARM based Docker Images for Raspberry Pi using buildx CLI Plugin on Docker Desktop?

2 weeks back in Dockercon 2019 San Francisco, Docker & ARM demonstrated the integration of ARM capabilities[…]

New Docker CLI API Support for NVIDIA GPUs under Docker Engine 19.03.0 Pre-Release

Let’s talk about Docker in a GPU-Accelerated Data Center… Docker is the leading container platform which provides[…]

Sysctl Support for Docker Swarm Cluster for the first time in Docker 19.03.0 Pre-Release

Docker CE 19.03.0 Beta 1 went public 2 week back. It was the first release which arrived[…]

Docker 19.03.0 Pre-Release: Fast Context Switching, Rootless Docker, Sysctl support for Swarm Services

Last week Docker Community Edition 19.03.0 Beta 1 was announced and release notes went public here.Under this[…]

Meet K3s – A Lightweight Kubernetes Distribution for Raspberry Pi Cluster

To implement a microservice architecture and a multi-cloud strategy, Kubernetes today has become a key enabling technology.[…]

Docker Birthday #6: “Show-And-Tell” Event in Bangalore

Docker’s Birthday Celebration is not just about cakes, food and party. It’s actually a global tradition that is near and[…]

A First Look at Docker Desktop Enterprise

If you are looking out for Desktop Enterprise software solution for creating & delivering production-ready containerized applications[…]

5 Minutes to Kubernetes Dashboard running on Docker Desktop for Windows

If you want to get started with Kubernetes on your Laptop running Windows 10, Docker Desktop for[…]

Top 50 Ansible Interview Questions

Ansible is an open-source engine that automates configuration management, application deployment, and other devOps tasks. Ansible is[…]

Turn Your Raspberry Pi into Low-cost CCTV Surveillance Camera(with Night Vision) in 5 Minutes using Docker

Last week I purchased Raspberry PI Infrared IR Night Vision Surveillance Camera Module 500W Webcam. This webcam features[…]

Test Drive 5 Cool Linux Applications on Docker Desktop for Windows Platform

Docker Desktop for Windows Release is available. This release comes with Docker Engine 18.09.2, Compose v1.23.2[…]

Top 5 Features of Docker Engine v18.09.1 That You Shouldn’t Miss Out

Docker Engine v18.09.1 went GA last month. It was made available for both the Community and Enterprise[…]

Building Data Persistent & Datacenter Asset Reporting Capability with Racktables running inside Docker container

Let’s talk about Docker inside the datacenter.. If you are a datacenter administrator and still scouring through[…]

Test Drive Compose on Kubernetes on Play with Kubernetes(PWK) Playground in 5 Minutes

On the 2nd day of Dockercon, Docker Inc. open sourced Compose on Kubernetes project. This project provides a simple[…]

A First Look at Compose on Kubernetes for Minikube

Say Bye to Kompose ! Let’s begin with a problem statement – “The Kubernetes API is quite[…]