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Ajeet Raina

  Bangalore Ajeet Singh Raina is a former Docker Captain, Community Leader and Arm Ambassador. He is a founder of Collabnix blogging site and has authored more than 570+ blogs on Docker, Kubernetes and Cloud-Native Technology. He runs a community Slack of 8900+ members and discord server close to 2200+ members. You can follow him on Twitter(@ajeetsraina).


509 Stories by Ajeet Raina

Setting up a Simple Samba Share – Part I

Samba is an important component to seamlessly integrate Linux/Unix Servers and Desktops into Active Directory environments using the winbind daemon.In simple words, Samba is...
1 min read

Fog – An Open Source Cloning Solution

If you are a system admin who is still sticking to Clonezilla, you must probably look out to try FOG – a very fast...
6 min read

Introduction to Puppet..

Puppet is an IT automation tool which has already gained popularity among the system admins, developers and Cloud architects. Whether its operating system resource...
10 sec read

Getting Started with Ansible

Ansible is an IT automation tool. It can configure systems, deploy software, and orchestrate more advanced IT tasks such as continuous deployments or zero...
2 min read

It was an Openstack Day…OSI 2014

Yesterday I attended Open Source India 2014 event which happened in NIMHANS Convention Center, Bengaluru. If you are new to OSI, let me brief...
3 min read

Installing Skype on CentOS 6.5

Getting skype working on CentOS 6.5 has been a daunting job for lot of system administrators. Usually I found system administrators posting this query...
49 sec read

Automating Oracle Weblogic Server installation through shell script

Automation always saves your considerable time. Especially when you have to follow the similar step for hundreds of machine, automated scripts and tools have...
2 min read

How to integrate Redmine with Git?

Redmine built through Ruby on Rails has been impressive free and open source web-based project management. I have been Trac quite for some time...
2 min read

Running Hadoop on Ubuntu 14.04 ( Multi-Node Cluster)

This is an introductory post on Hadoop for new begineers who want step by step instruction for deploying Hadoop on the latest Ubuntu 14.04...
7 min read

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