“Individually We Specialise, Together We Transform”

Slack has grown to be an excellent tool for communities- both large and small, open and pay-to-access. Collabnix is a Slack workspace introduced to build community around DevOps Engineers. Today it holds 4500+ community members who are highly enthusiasts and ready to contribute towards Docker, Kubernetes, Automation tools and Cloud Native Technologies.

Community is Strength

We firmly believe that “Community is Strength”. We believe in the power of open source software. That’s the reason we participate in, contribute to, and support the open source container community so strongly.I still remember the evening of October 2018 when I introduced Collabnix slack workspace to a group of DevOps enthusiasts for the first time. Within a week time, this community crossed 100+ members which was quite impressive and exciting at the same time.

The Birth of DockerLabs

DockerLabs was the first GITHUB repository which the community started building in 2018. Today you can find 500+ tutorials for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. With over 87,000+ views, this GITHUB repository has already gained 1,200 stars and around 600 forks.

Docker Hands-on Labs

Over millions of DevOps engineers leveraged DockerLabs to get started with Docker. Hats off a group of Collabnix Slack contributors for their great ideas and thoughts to structure this amazing repository.

The Rise of KubeLabs

Last year, we started building KubeLabs – An Ultimate Kubernetes Resources for Beginners. Today we have 120+ tutorials around Kubernetes 101 – Pods, ReplicaSet, Services, Networking, Storage etc. We ran multiple LIVE workshops for Docker Bangalore community early this year. In one of the workshop, around 550+ audience appeared and the overall feedback was stunning.

A Peep into Kubetools

Kubetools was introduced in early 2020 for the first time. It was built with a purpose. It is being used by Collabnix Slack community internally to target the most popular tools and technique around Kubernetes and coming up with the best practices around these tools. The community started planning to conduct webinar for the most voted tools based on the popularity soon after its launch.

We’re still growing..

Yes, you heard it right. We are growing massively. Just look at the analytics graph below and you can realise the potential of our Slack workspace. In average, around 30-40 members are joining almost every day which is really overwhelming figure.

Did you know? We have 120+ various channels in our community slack. Channels like #devops-job-seeker, #devops-interview-preparation, #general #osconf #kubedaily #terraform etc are few of popular on the chart.

More than 2 Lakhs messages have been exchanged till date. In average, more than 4,000+ messages are sent every month.

Thank You…

Credits to active members who have been contributing tirelessly for GITHUB repositories. If you’re one of them and reading this blog, a BIG THANK YOU.

Check out our community initiatives:

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Ajeet Raina

My name is Ajeet Singh Raina and I am an author of this blogging site. I am a Docker Captain, ARM Innovator & Docker Bangalore Community Leader. I bagged 2 special awards last year(2019) : Firstly, “The Tip of Captain’s Hat Award” at Dockercon 2019, San Francisco and secondly, “2019 Docker Community Award“. I run Collabnix Community Slack with over 4700+ audience as well as Redis Community Slack with close to 500+ members. I have built popular GITHUB repositories like DockerLabs, KubeLabs, Kubetools, RedisPlanet Terraform etc. with the support of Collabnix Community. Currently working as Developer Relations Manager at Redis Labs where I help customers and community members adopt Redis. With over 11,000+ followers over LinkedIn & close to 4800+ twitter followers, I like sharing Docker and Kubernetes related content . You can follow me on Twitter(@ajeetsraina) & GitHub(@ajeetraina)


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