Highlights from the Dockercon 2015

Last month at San Francisco @ Dockercon15, there were numerous exciting announcement which includes runtime container called runC, Docker network, Docker Notary etc. Docker 1.7.0 was announced. There was a tremendous response around the world and list of companies shared how they have been using Docker Engine and Docker hub to speed up the delivery of apps from developer’s desktop all the way through to production.

Solomon Hykes, CTO and Founder – Docker Inc, stated that around 10 years we believed that application is monolithic, slow changing and big servers are needed. Today it has been loosely coupled services , rapidly updated and many small servers. He added that 2 years ago Docker started with a project, moved to an interesting solution, evolved as an ecosystem and there now Docker has been fundamental as a movement which never stopped. He added “As the cloud evolves, containers are emerging as an attractive way for developers to quickly and efficiently build and deploy these applications at the speed of business. Offering developers and IT professionals the ability to deploy applications from a workstation to a server in mere seconds, containers are taking application development to a whole new level.We want to make an application which can quickly move from laptop, workstation, desktop to the production.We can move between cloud.”


Docker Ecosystem is huge. Docker is hot in the market. With the advent of Multi-containerized application tools like Docker Compose, Docker Machine (create Docker hosts on your computer, on cloud providers, and inside your own data center), Docker-swarm (native clustering for Docker, Upcoming tools like Notary(securing your containers in cloud), Docker Open Container technology(runC) – a universal runtime for OS containers..enabling Docker to run on Windows, Linux and Unix platforms, Docker Network (Multi-Host Networking), Mesossphere ( upcoming new Data center Operating System), Docker is sure to stay around for sometime now.

Docker CEO showed the Enterprise Adoption Trends and stated that Docker has seen 97% adoption all around the world. That’s amazing figure, isn’t it?


An Important annoucement on Docker Trusted Registry (DTR) raised an interest among the audience as it brought a point that Docker is ready to enter into production environment. Docker Notary was something which really excited me as it has a promising capability of securing and protecting the containers. Microsoft showcased a preview of Windows edition which runs containers on Windows platform which is still in progress.Running Powerpoint on Docker container was another exciting demo.

Challenges for Docker:

One of the interesting announcement was “Plumbing”. The challenges for Docker today is clear definitive role for Developers Vs Operations Engineer.Infrastructure plumbing is made of small software tools which perform basic fundamental tasks in the most reliable and simple way possible. It is invisible and under-appreciated especially given that plumbing is what holds the world’s Internet infrastructure together.

Dockercon 15 introduced runC – The universal container runtime. Container code is just 5% of whole Docker code. There are lots of industry folks interested in container code and thats the reason runC was introduced so that now container centric development can take place.  Said that, Solomon stated that Docker is still going to use runC ahead.


Eyes are on http://europe-2015.dockercon.com/ when there will be number of new upcoming announcements ahead.

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