Top 5 Kubernetes Backup and Storage Solutions

By: Collabnix Community


This is a popular open-source tool that enables backup and restore of Kubernetes resources and persistent volumes across clusters and clouds. It supports various storage providers, such as AWS, Azure, GCP, DigitalOcean, and more. It also allows scheduling, hooks, and custom plugins.


Portworx is a comprehensive cloud-native storage platform that provides backup and restore capabilities for Kubernetes applications and data. It offers application-aware backups, zero RPO disaster recovery, database as a service, and multi-cloud migration. It also integrates with other tools, such as Velero, Kasten, and Cohesity.


Kasten is a Kubernetes-native backup solution that protects cloud-native applications and data by storing on-demand backups in an independent storage repository. It supports various storage providers, such as AWS, Azure, GCP, and more. It also provides policy-driven automation, application consistency, and encryption.


Stash is also a tool that helps you backup and restore your Kubernetes volumes with ease and efficiency. You can use Stash to create and manage backups of your volumes mounted in workloads, such as deployments, statefulsets, or daemonsets, as well as stand-alone volumes, such as PVCs or PVs, and databases, such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, and more.


This is a simple utility that dumps Kubernetes cluster resources as pure YAML manifests without unnecessary metadata. It can save both name-spaced and cluster-wide resources and commit them to a git repository. It can also archive and rotate dump archives.

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