Top 5 Kubernetes UI that every DevOps Team Should be Aware of

By: Collabnix Community

Kubernetes Dashoard

Kubernetes Dashboard provides a web-based interface for managing Kubernetes clusters, offering insights into resource utilization, deployment status, and easy navigation for efficient cluster administration.


The Octant is a web-based platform that is highly extensible using plugins: developers can make it even more useful by extending it. It is used to better understand the complexity and operations of Kubernetes Clusters. It has an intuitive web-based interface used to navigate, inspect, and manage Kubernetes resources. It is recorded to have 4.8k stars and 331 forks on GitHub.

The Weave Scope homepage, a web platform for monitoring, visualizing, and managing Kubernetes and Docker environments. With 4.8k GitHub stars and 607 forks, it offers authentic visualization of nodes, pods, containers, memory, and CPU usage.

Weave Scope


Efficiently harness the full power of Kubernetes with Kube-Ops View dashboard, simplifying multi-cluster management. This read-only WebGL system dashboard facilitates simultaneous management of multiple clusters, presenting resources like clusters and nodes in an observable, zoomable, and pannable interface.


Konstellate is the next top Kubernetes dashboard that can be used in visualizing and managing applications. It is free and open-source. It has 1.4k stars and 71 forks on GitHub. Konstellate can be used to create, edit, and manage diverse resources; however should in case you have to import YAML files, it can be exported as Helm Charts and Kustomize templates.