My name is Ajeet Singh Raina and I am an author of this blogging site. I am a Docker Captain & Docker Bangalore Community Leader. I bagged 2 special awards last year(2019) : Firstly, “The Tip of Captain’s Hat Award” at Dockercon 2019, San Francisco and secondly, “2019 Docker Community Award“. I was overwhelmed to receive the first award in front of around 5000 audience.

Bagged “The Tip of Captain’s Hat Award in Dockercon 2019 SFO”

Collabnix attracts around 14 million unique readers every year. There are close to 200+ blog posts around Docker, Kubernetes & Cloud. This site bagged an award of the Most Read blog site in the year 2016.

Speaking at AWS Community Day Bengaluru

I run Collabnix Slack channel which accommodate around 2200+ members who are highly enthusiast and super excited to contribute towards DockerLabs. Recently I have been appointed Docker India Regional Lead and responsible for conducting Meetups across India.

Speaking at AWS User Group, Kochi

Know More:https://www.docker.com/captains/ajeet-singh-raina

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