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ARM Innovator

I am an Arm innovator. I am one of 50 ARM innovators across the globe who're industry-leading experts committed to extending the Arm architecture and sharing their knowledge in a wide variety of exciting areas, such as artificial intelligence, automotive, Internet of Things, and security.

Docker Captain

I am a Docker Captain since 2016. Docker Captain is a unique distinction that Docker Inc awards select members of the community that are both experts in their field and are passionate about sharing their Docker knowledge with others.

Docker Community Leader

I am a Docker Bangalore Community Leader since 2018. Early this year, I won Docker Community Leaders(CL) award. CL don’t just organize meetups, they are leaders, mentors, teachers, speakers, and volunteers in their local community.

expert in developer advocacy

My Expertise:

Product Evaluation

Community Growth





Product Evaluation 94%
Community Growth 95%
Blogging 90%
Consultation 97%
Training/Coaching 75%


Collabnix Slack Community

I introduced Collabnix Slack around 2 year back. Today it is one of the fastest growing Docker community on this planet with around 4500+ members, close to 1 million messages in average every month.

  • Docker
  • IoT
  • Kubernetes
  • Cloud

mini conferences

Meetup Organizer

I run frequent Meetups which are more like mini-conferences, commonly exceeding hundreds of RSVPs and involving free hands on workshop and training content.

Docker Bangalore Community

I am a Docker Community Leader for Docker Bangalore, the largest Docker Meetup in the world with nearly 10,200 members

OSCONF Conference

OSCONF is a platform built to connect & bring all leading Meetup communities, Cloud native experts, Evangelists & DevOps together under one roof. It is a non-profit community event which allows you to interact with community leaders, ambassadors & open community contributors.

IoET Planet

An Innovative & Collaborative Platform to bring people who are passionate about IoT to create new capabilities, collaboration and construction of richer experiences for students, individuals and business.

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speaker. consultant. technologist

Grow Your Community Presence with Collabnix

I  am a founder of OSCONF and organiser of IoET Conference in India. With over 50+ communities, 15000+ communities members & 15 leading Meetup communities all across India. I can help you grow your community presence in India and across the globe.

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Co-Founder- 56K.Cloud

“Ajeet is an amazing leader and collaborator in the Docker community. His knowledge and ability to teach these skills to others is what sets Ajeet apart from others. Ajeet is always available to answer questions and help the community grow. I personally use Ajeet’s projects in my courses and presentations as they are excellent. I recommend Ajeet as both a friend and a professional and look forward to continuing to collaborate on future projects together. An awesome, inspiration figure that leads and sets the tone”


Security Engineer - Docker

“Always a pleasure to work with Ajeet. He has done amazing things building up a community and through his constant blogging…”


Founder- OpenFaaS

“..I met Ajeet through the voluntary Docker Captains influenceprogram. His interest in edge, IoT and ARM has developed intosomething more. He’s developed a growing community andcontent series around his personal blog “Collabnix” exploringDocker and Kubernetes..”

A road to evangelism

Get Started with Docker & Kubernetes

Collabnix introduced Dockerlabs and Kubelabs which are #2 trending course on Hackr.io &  quite popular hands-on workshops open for anyone who want to get started with Docker & Kubernetes painlessly.

"...I tip my hat to you @ajeetsraina #dockercon...."
solomon hykes,
Founder of Docker Inc.