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Karan Gandhi Karan is a dynamic and creative freelancer writer with 14 years of experience. He has experience working as System Engineering for almost a decade and has experience with Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud-Native apps and IoT


4 Stories by Karan Gandhi

Is Kubernetes ready for AI

Unleash the power of AI with Kubernetes! Explore its compatibility, advantages, and potential as the ultimate solution for AI workloads in this article.
4 min read

Navigating the Future of DevOps: The Influence of Emerging Technologies

There is no doubt that new technologies changed our world forever and for the better. Many industries were able to take a completely different...
2 min read

Implementing CI/CD pipelines for Machine Learning on Kubernetes

Machine learning models have become a critical component of many organizations’ applications and services. To ensure the models are up-to-date, accurate, and secure, it...
3 min read

How to find investors for a college IT startup?

Raising funds for a college startup can be a challenging and competitive process. But with the right approach and resources, it is possible to...
3 min read
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