Adding new Host to Docker Swarm & Universal Control Plane through Docker Machine

In our previous post, we spent considerable time in understanding what is Universal Control Plane(UCP) and how to add hosts to UCP.  For UCP to work, swarm cluster is a per-requisite, hence let’s understand how to quickly setup Swarm agent node through Docker Machine.


By this time, you will be able to see a new Docker-8 instance gets created.


Let’s open up Docker-8 instance which we created by clicking on SSH at the right end. Though you can also use Docker-Machine to login to run commands.


Finally, I am going to add this new machine to existing swarm cluster as shown below:


Ensure that the right token is added as shown above.

You will be able to see the new node added to the swarm cluster as shown below:


Finally, add this new node to UCP as shown below:


Let’s verify that UCP has detected the 3rd Node in the swarm cluster.


Hurray !! We have added a new node to the swarm cluster and then got it reflected under Universal Control Plane.