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Automotive Industry: How IoT Impacts Customer Experience

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This blog is authored and contributed by Jenny Han. She is a frequent blogger and writes about IoT and tech news.

Technology has always been at the forefront of how customers buy and maintain their cars. With the rise of the Internet of Things, or IoT, it’s made real changes and advancements in the automotive industry. Here are the five main ways that IoT has changed the way we buy cars today.

1. Creating IoT Connected Cars

These days, it’s almost impossible to think of buying a new car that doesn’t have IoT capability in some way. You want to be able to connect your phone to it, to get real time traffic alerts, and more besides. Right now, you will see that 91% of cars being sold in the US have IoT capability.

As such, it’s changed the way customers use their cars. When they have IoT capability, there’s so much more they can do. It also makes some things a lot easier, such as getting those real time traffic alerts. Customers are looking for this feature in the cars that they buy, so it's something that manufacturers have to include.

2. Being Able To Predict Maintenance Schedules

In the past, a driver had to have a decent working knowledge of their car in order to maintain it. If it wasn’t working as it should, they’d have to go to a mechanic to get help, or get their hands dirty and diagnose the issue for themselves.

With IoT capable cars though, you’ll see they take care of a lot of that work for you. “These cars can check all sorts of things, such as engine status, temperature, speed, navigation and more” says Peter Maloney, an IoT industry writer at Academized . “When the tech can evaluate any potential issues, it can notify the driver and enable them to get issues repaired before they cause problems.”

3. Improving Engineering And Production

There’s more demand than ever for the next improvements in automotive tech, and with IoT enabled cars, manufacturers can improve on what they have. Cars with IoT capability can collect all kinds of data, like how drivers use their cars and features, and any common issues that arise.

With that data, they can add, remove or improve functions to newer models as needed. They can also
create updates, which can be sent to drivers in real time. As such, improvements are being made to car
manufacture all the time with IoT.

4. Better Road Safety For Everyone

Road safety continues to be a concern for everyone using the road, and IoT is helping improve it. Many IoT capable cars have features that help drivers be safer, such as cruise control, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), collision warning, and more.

With these systems in place, the driver has help at hand to driver safer and smarter. Of course, they can’t
hand over all control and safety responsibility to their IoT systems, but they work as an excellent backup. In the event of an emergency, emergency braking or collision detection can help prevent accidents, making things safer for everyone.

5. Creating A Better Buying Experience

It’s not just about the IoT tech in the car itself. The system can be used at the point of purchase, too. No
one relishes the thought of buying a car, but IoT makes it easier.

Many dealers are recognising that customers do their research online first, before they even step into the showroom itself. As such, they use IoT to enhance the customer’s experience. For example, the business can add a kiosk at the entrance of the showroom, where customers can input their preferences as to the car they want. That info is sent to a sale associate, so they can help them find the car that’s just right for them. It makes the process a lot easier and pain free, so everyone gets what they need from it.

IoT has been changing up many industries, the automotive industry in particular. It’s changed how customers buy and use their cars, and gives you a lot more data on their needs and preferences. Understanding how it works is key to success in the industry in the future.

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