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Getting Started with Nodejs

Node.js, built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine, is a powerful JavaScript runtime that extends its capabilities to the server side. Its...
Arsheen Kour
1 min read

“sh: next: command not found” in Next.js Development? Here’s the Fix!

Struggling with the "sh: next: command not found" error in your Next.js project? Learn how to fix it by running Next.js...
Avinash Bendigeri
1 min read

How To Build a Node.js Application with Docker in 5 Minutes

Learn how to quickly containerize your Node.js app using Docker. Follow this guide for an efficient way to get started with...
Ajeet Raina
5 min read

Easy way to colorify Your Shell Prompt Experience on The Mac

Have you ever attended a developer conference and marveled at the colorful and eye-catching terminal prompts displayed by presenters? If you’ve...
Ajeet Raina
3 min read
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