Avinash Bendigeri

  https://collabnix.com Avinash is a developer-turned Technical writer skilled in core content creation. He has an excellent track record of blogging in areas like Docker, Kubernetes, IoT and AI.


4 Stories by Avinash Bendigeri

Deploy Apache Kafka on Kubernetes running on Docker Desktop

Event-driven architecture is the basis of what most modern applications follow. When an event happens, some other event occurs. In the case of logging,...
7 min read

Using Blockchain to Drive Supply Chain Management System

It really is an exaggeration to say that blockchain was among the most emerging technologies yet devised. Any business can benefit from incorporating blockchain,...
51 9 min read

Dockerize an API based Flask App and Redis using Docker Desktop

If you’re a developer looking out for a lightweight but robust framework that can help you in web development with fewer lines of code,...
57 2 min read

A Closer Look at AI Data Pipeline

According to a recent Gartner report, “By the end of 2024, 75% of organizations will shift from piloting to operationalizing artificial intelligence (AI), driving...
1 2 min read