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Easy way to colorify Your Shell Prompt Experience on The Mac

Have you ever attended a developer conference and marveled at the colorful and eye-catching terminal prompts displayed by presenters? If you’ve...
Ajeet Raina
2 min read

Why You Should Learn Python in 2023?

According to the StackOverFlow 2023 Survey report, Python is the 2nd most admired and desired programming language. What’s driving this significant...
Arsheen Kour
7 min read

Kubernetes for Python Developers

Kubernetes is a popular container orchestration platform that provides a powerful API for managing containerized applications. The Kubernetes API is a...
Ajeet Raina
3 min read

How to control DJI Tello Mini-Drone using Python and Docker

If you want to take your drone programming skills to the next level, DJI Tello is the right product to buy....
Ajeet Raina
4 min read

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