Ajeet Raina Docker Captain, ARM Innovator & Docker Bangalore Community Leader.

I’m thrilled ! I’m a {code} Catalyst !

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Carrying a slogan “Code Open, Deploy Anywhere”, {code} by DellEMC is an organization of open source engineers focused on next generation infrastructure that effectively enables DellEMC to be relevant in Dev Ops and Open Source communities through contribution, engagement and technical solution leadership. With sustainable organic growth leading close to 2000+ members in last 1 year, over 30+ open source projects(like goscaleio, goxtremio, Metalnx, ECS-Dashboard, LabBuildr, Unity-PowerShell), increase in the number of external community contributors and several community success stories , the {code} community is all set to increasingly embrace the open source model through active engagement with the social developers and slowly  influencing with the active participation and contributions across the globe.


Today, the {code} community announced “{code} Catalysts“- a mix blend of passionate, creative and forward-thinking industry experts and community leaders known for their strong convictions towards the importance of open source technology. These community experts are passionate to share knowledge and technical expertise with the open source community in the form of speakers at technical conferences, contributing training documentations, sharing their experiences through blogs, twitter and through local Meetups. Driven by their community spirit and the quest for knowledge, these community experts have a strong desire to get their hands on new & exciting technologies.These community experts are nominated based on their impeccable engagement and contribution towards the {code} community.

The {code} Catalyst Program is primarily focused on promoting thought-leading members of the open source community by creating a candid dialogue between open source advocates, developers and project managers across company boundaries. The program goal is to create an ecosystem of innovative open source advocates who lead and advance emerging technology to support software-based infrastructures.

Currently, there are 18 {code} Catalysts nominated for this programme, bringing the technical expertise from biggies like Intel, IBM, DellEMC, Red Hat,  Docker, Acquia, Sirius, Blockbridge etc. I’m completely thrilled to be part of this amazing community experts. So far, it has been memorable journey working with some of the most influential advocates in the Enterprise IT. Last year, I was honored with “Docker Captain” by Docker Inc. and it has been amazing experience of interaction with Docker community users through online & local Meetups, tech-talks, conferences & slack channel.This year I look forward to contribute in the field of containers and data persistence through blogs, online & local Meetups.

Can’t wait to share this awesome GIFY from one of my colleague

A Message directly from {code} Catalysts desk…

“…With a mission to educate the community about the next-gen open source infrastructure and sharing the real-life experiences with the large community, we  – the {code} catalysts are all set to contribute, engage and make open source community, an exciting world to live in .

Feel free to talk to us at https://codecommunity.slack.com/


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Ajeet Raina Docker Captain, ARM Innovator & Docker Bangalore Community Leader.

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  1. Arkadaşlarıyla eğlenip eve sarhoş gelen genç kız kimseye veremediği için amı sulanmış bir
    şekilde ve yorgun olarak eve gelir. Odasına girdiğinde mal çekingen üvey abisiyle biraz dalga geçtikten sonra ondan ona masaj yapması için yardım ister.

    Üvey abisi yanına gelerek onun sırtını okşamaya başlar.
    Bu kızın.

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