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Docker Desktop is the preferred choice for millions of developers building containerized applications. With the latest Docker Desktop Community 3.0.0 Release, a new Hub CLI tool was introduced, right called Hub-tool. The new Hub CLI tool lets you explore, inspect, and manage your content on Docker Hub as well as work with your teams and manage your account. In nutshell, Hub-tool is Docker’s official command-line tool that makes docker easier to use with Docker Hub.

Capabilities of Hub-tool

  • Manages Your Docker Hub Account
  • Manages Your Docker Hub Org
  • Manages Your Personal Access Tokens
  • Manages Your Docker Hub Repositories
  • Manages Your Docker Hub Tags

Here’s a quick glimpse of Docker’s Hub-tool:

Verifying Hub-tool version

% hub-tool version
Version: v0.2.0
Git commit: 0edf43ac9091e7cac892cbc4cbc6efbafb665aa4

Logging in to DockerHub

% hub-tool login
Username: ajeetraina
Login Succeeded

Hub-tool Manpages

% hub-tool --help
A tool to manage your Docker Hub images
hub-tool [command]
Available Commands:
account Manage your account
help Help about any command
login Login to the Hub
logout Logout of the Hub
org Manage organizations
repo Manage repositories
tag Manage tags
token Manage Personal Access Tokens
version Version information about this tool
-h, --help help for hub-tool
--verbose Print logs
--version Display the version of this tool
Use "hub-tool [command] --help" for more information about a command.

Managing Your Account

ajeetraina@Ajeets-MacBook-Pro ~ % hub-tool account info
Username: ajeetraina
Full name: Ajeet Singh Raina
Company: Dell
Location: India
Joined: 6 years ago
Plan: free
Seats: 1
Private repositories: 5
Parallel builds: 5
Collaborators: unlimited
Teams: unlimited

hub-tool account rate-limiting

Managing repositories

hub-tool repo ls | wc -l

Managing organization

hub-tool org ls
collabnix Owner 1 1

Managing Personal Access Token

ajeetraina@Ajeets-MacBook-Pro ~ % hub-tool token
Manage Personal Access Tokens
hub-tool token [flags]
hub-tool token [command]
Available Commands:
activate Activate a Personal Access Token
create Create a Personal Access Token
deactivate Deactivate a Personal Access Token
inspect Inspect a Personal Access Token
ls List all the Personal Access Tokens
rm Delete a Personal Access Token
-h, --help help for token
Global Flags:
--verbose Print logs

ajeetraina@Ajeets-MacBook-Pro ~ % hub-tool token ls
token for ECS f7XXXXXXXX4f5d 5 months ago 5 months true



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