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Avinash Bendigeri Avinash is a developer-turned Technical writer skilled in core content creation. He has an excellent track record of blogging in areas like Docker, Kubernetes, IoT and AI.

7 Best Ways How to Use Technology to Work More Effectively

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For thousands of years, merchants and businesspeople have used technology to make their lives easier – whether it be ancient olive oil presses, ticker tape systems, or photocopiers. Technology has enabled them to improve the production of goods and services, transfer information more effectively and streamline team performance. 

The advancements over the past few centuries are remarkable; 140 years ago when stock traders were using ticker tape for faster access to information; 60 years ago when photocopiers enabled project leaders to get their teams working effectively; today where the newest technologies can continue to provide even bigger improvements to productivity. It’s fair to say that technology has been key in driving innovation within the business world.


1.  Improving Communication

Effective work with technology is a reliable way to improve communication in both internal and external settings. It allows colleagues to communicate, share information and collaborate on tasks for effective workflow. Additionally, businesses are now adopting video conferencing hardware or software which enables “face-to-face” conversations with stakeholders in different parts of the world without the need for travel.

Desktop sharing software allows users to share their desktops over the Internet or record them for further reference. Strong and effective communication among staff and customers can also be improved with video equipment that can record processes or procedures as a learning resource for customers or training material for new employees. All these measures help enterprises promote effective communication and foster a better understanding among their members.

2.  Advanced Data Transfer

Poor information transfer can lead to decreasing organizational effectiveness, and this is especially true for project teams that are dealing with complex tasks. Fortunately, there are various types of technology that can help in this area depending on the needs of your company.

For instance, hosting a website with current information on company goals and projects can provide easy access to everyone involved. Additionally, remote project management software tools help coordinate distributed teams geographically or schedule-wise. Utilizing social media tools like Twitter helps ensure the whole group stays updated without actively searching for new information.

Here is another interesting and extremely useful technology – a PDF scanner. When we talk about a scanner app, we mean an application that can convert text into an electronic document. PDF Scanner App: Scan Docs, ID can do even more – convert PDF to DOCS. With DOCS ID, you can share high-quality documents without spending a lot of time converting formats. Plus, the application has a free trial version. All of these solutions can increase organizational efficiency by keeping everyone better informed and connected.

3.  Process Automation

Chalmers Brown, the co-founder of Due, explains how to use technology to work productively with process automation software. He recommends automating everyday tasks like scheduling and bill pay as well as incorporating digital solutions for manual thinking. In fact, adding as many apps as possible can help to digitize any process that is done manually such as list making or gift giving. Automation not only saves you time and resources but can also improve accuracy and productivity.

4.  Wise Organization of Time

Calendars can be an incredibly effective way to increase productivity and stay organized. Planning ahead is one of the most important steps towards reaching goals, and pairing that with a calendar’s reminders can offer major benefits. When your week is planned in advance and entered into a calendar, it gives you predetermined guidelines on how to use your time efficiently. This makes the rest of the planning process easier since you already know the basics. Having these “rails” in place can make scheduling tasks more smooth, reducing stress and allowing for more productive days. Ultimately, investing effort into calendar management has great potential to pay off in terms of increasing productivity levels over time.

5.  Clear Goal Planning and Achievement

Most of us have goals that we’d like to accomplish, but the truth is that achieving them often does not come naturally. Fortunately, there is power in setting goals – so long as we take the initiative and employ strategies to stay focused and productive. That’s where common smartphone features really help out: by recording our goals and setting reminders for ourselves, it keeps them top of mind throughout the day. Additionally, having daily, weekly and even monthly reminders encourages us to review our ambitions on a regular basis. 

6.  Secure Password Storage

As the world moves forward with more advanced technology, the need for secure passwords is rapidly diminishing. Instead of using a password to access information or make payments, biometric authentication is becoming the norm. This means that instead of having to remember long, complex passwords you can use simple voice commands or even a selfie to access what you need quickly and securely. Password reissues and resets are extremely time-consuming and costly, so utilizing these new technologies can not only benefit from a security perspective but also from an operational cost standpoint as well. 

7.  Software Expansion

For any Microsoft outlook user, the add-on or plug-in Boomerang for Outlook can be a lifesaver. The ability to organize emails into folders and remind you of important messages is essential for keeping up with the barrage of daily emails. Furthermore, putting messages into archives can help save someone from using up all the space in their inbox as well. All in all, Boomerang for Outlook makes keeping up with your email communications easier and more manageable due to its versatile filing system and timely reminders which enable users to respond and act quickly on given tasks.

Final Thoughts

To understand how to work effectively, you need to identify weaknesses in your schedule and work processes. Ultimately, working effectively is a combination of preparation and organization. To ensure success, it is important to establish priorities and manage time wisely; moreover, staying motivated, eliminating distractions, and connecting with coworkers can also increase the chances of delivering high-quality work in a timely manner. When applying these techniques, it is possible to achieve any professional goal – even those that may seem unreachable at first!


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Avinash Bendigeri Avinash is a developer-turned Technical writer skilled in core content creation. He has an excellent track record of blogging in areas like Docker, Kubernetes, IoT and AI.
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