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DevOps-Security Collaboration: Key to Effective Cloud Security & Observability

This guest post is authored by Jinal Lad Mehta, working at Middleware AI-powered cloud observability tool. She is known for writing...
Avinash Bendigeri
4 min read

Applying DevSecOps Practices to Kubernetes

Special thanks to Mewantha Bandara for contributing this tutorial for the Kubelabs repository. There is an exhaustive list of security measures...
Karan Singh
16 min read

How to Fix “Support for password authentication was removed” error in GitHub

GitHub is a popular platform for version control and collaboration, but in August 2021, GitHub removed support for password authentication for...
Avinash Bendigeri
1 min read

How to Find the Top DevOps Engineers for your Startup

DevOps has become a popular buzzword in the world of technology. It is the collaboration between development and operations to deliver...
Avinash Bendigeri
2 min read

Top 10 Security Practices for Enhancing DevOps Security 

DevOps is not a new concept, no matter how much it seems to be. The integration of development and operations has...
Avinash Bendigeri
6 min read

Influence of IT on Modern Education: How DevOps Is Transforming Higher Education

When implemented correctly, DevOps has the potential to revolutionize education. A significant number of educators are making an effort to implement...
Ajeet Raina
2 min read
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