Ajeet Raina Docker Captain, ARM Innovator & Docker Bangalore Community Leader.

Delivering Container-based Apps to IoT Edge devices | Dockercon 2021

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Did you know? Dockercon 2021 was attended by 80,000 participants on the first day. It was an amazing experience hosting “Docker for IoT Edge devices” community room sessions for the first time in Dockercon 2021. In total, there were 6 speakers who delivered a talk about IoT, ARM, 5G, Docker & Edge. I kicked off the day with a talk around”Delivering Container-based apps to IoT Edge devices“. I discussed how Docker Buildx can be used to build ARM-based Docker images on your Macbook and pushed to Docker Hub so as to deploy it over IoT Edge devices like Jetson Nano.

During the session, I discussed Docker access to NVIDIA Jetson Nano GPU devices using Docker Compose. This was one of the feature request I raised 2 years back that was recently introduced early this year.

I spent considerable amount of time on “Docker Buildx” – a CLI plugin that extends the docker command with the full support of the features provided by Moby BuildKit builder toolkit. It provides the same user experience as docker build with many new features like creating scoped builder instances and building against multiple nodes concurrently. Please note that Docker Buildx is included in Docker Desktop and Docker Linux packages when installed using the DEB or RPM packages.

Next, I showcased a short demo around managing sensor data using Docker + NVIDIA Jetson Nano + BME680 and plotted temperature, pressure, and humidity values over Grafana.

One of the most appreciated topic was “Crowd Mask detection system“. If you have NVIDIA Jetson Nano lying around, just connect a USB camera to your board and try the below command, you will surely gonna love it.

sudo docker run --runtime nvidia --privileged --rm -it --env MASKCAM_DEVICE_ADDRESS=<your-jetson-ip> -p 1883:1883 -p 8080:8080 -p 8554:8554 maskcam/maskcam-beta


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Ajeet Raina Docker Captain, ARM Innovator & Docker Bangalore Community Leader.

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