How to setup Salt Halite on CentOS 6.5

Setting up Salt Halite is not straightforward process. Its a WebUI for Salt master where you can easily run commands and manage minions. I assume that you have  a master node setup with couple of minion(atleast one).


Let’s start with the steps to accomplish it:

Starting with Build Process –

  1. cd /var/www
  2. git clone
  3. cd halite/halite
  4. ./ -C

Installation salt-api:

     5. yum install salt-api

In the end add the master configuration file

Add the following content at the end of the file /etc/salt/master as shown:

port: 8080
debug: true
disable_ssl: True
static: /var/www/halite/halite
app: /var/www/halite/halite/index.htmlexternal_auth:
– .*
– ‘@runner’
– ‘@wheel’

That I set here disable_ssl external_auth pam authentication using user login, follow the steps after the operation is completed:

6. /etc/init.d/salt-master restart

Adding a user

7 . #useradd salt
8.#echo salt | passwd –stdin salt

After the establishment of user testing

9. #salt -a pam \*

Enter the user name and password as seen minion return information indicates that the authentication is successful landing

Start salt-api

          10. #salt-api -d
          11#cd /var/www/halite/halite
          12.#python -d -C -l debug -s cherrypy

Then open http: // ip: 8080 / app, through salt / salt can login.

See you in further post..