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Today morning I started my day testing with Multicast Packet Filtering. I had buntu 12.04.1 and CentOS 6.5 in my VM running over ESX 5.5.I decided to make CentOS as Client and Ubuntu as server for the setup.

First of all, I downloaded iperf as I had no YUM working at my internal lab.
Its simple to install,download the package and install. Luckily, I dint get any dependency hell.

On Ubuntu Box:


sudo iperf -s -u -B -i 1

server listening on UDP port 5001
Binding to local address
Joining multicast group
UDP Buffer size: 120 Kbytes(default)

[ 3] local port 5001 connected with port 38577
[ 3] 0.0.-1.0 sec 128 KBytes 1.05 Mbits/sec 0.228 ms 0/ 89 (0%)

On CenTOS Box(Client):

iperf -c -u -T 5 -t 5
Client connecting to, UDP port 5001
sending 1470 byte datagrams
setting multicast TTL to 5
UDP buffer size: 126 KBytes(default)
[ 3] local port 38577 connected with port 5001
[ 3] 0.0- 5.0 sec 642 Kbytes 1.05 Mbits/sec
[ 3] Sent 447 datagrams

1.It clearly shows that multicast address is
e.g. server> iperf -s -u -B -i 1

This will have the iperf servers listening for datagram (-u) from the address (-B multicast address), with a periodic interval of 1s (-i 1)

2. Configure the client VM, connecting to the multicast group address and setting the TTL (-T, –ttl) as needed
e.g. client> iperf -c -u -T 5 -t 5

This will have the client connected to the multicast address (-c multicast address), with a TTL of 5 (-T 5), sending data for 5 seconds
NOTE: Use tcpdump or ethereal on server VMs to capture and analyze IP packets and ensure its validity.

Run the test for 120 sec.

That’s it..
You Have just finally tested Multicast packet Filtering.

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