SmartFoxServer is a massive multiplayer platform for building games, MMO communities, virtual worlds, realtime multiplayer games.


To setup SFS, in short on Linux platform like Debian, one can follow the below steps:

Download the SmartFox Server Pro 1.6.6 from link.


1. Open a terminal window and move to the folder where you have downloaded the file.
2. Type “gzip -d filename.tar.gz” to extract the .tar file (where “filename” is the name of the downloaded file) as shown in the screenshot.
3. Type “tar xf filename.tar” to extract the files.
4. Move inside the uncompressed folder and type ./install



To start the server move to the {installation-directory}/SFS_PRO_1.6.6/Server folder and type ./sfs start


The complete list of commands is the following:

./sfs start Start the server
./sfs stop Stop the server
./sfs restart Restart the server
./sfs status Show the current status of the server ( running / not running etc… )

Installing SmartFoxServer as a Linux daemon:


Hope it helps !!!


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