I am very thrilled and excited about Packtpub publisher’s recently published “PowerCLI Cookbook”. I have been part of a reveiwer team and spent couple of months for its accuracy. You can purchase this book at https://www.packtpub.com/virtualization-and-cloud/powercli-cookbook



You can check the free chapter at the above link. I am sure you will like the book as lots of effort has gone preparing recipes. Due to the timing for the release of vSphere 6, the publish was delayed but finally it got published.

Do provide feedback after reading the book.


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Ajeet Raina

My name is Ajeet Singh Raina and I am an author of this blogging site. I am a Docker Captain, ARM Innovator & Docker Bangalore Community Leader. I bagged 2 special awards last year(2019) : Firstly, “The Tip of Captain’s Hat Award” at Dockercon 2019, San Francisco and secondly, “2019 Docker Community Award“. I was overwhelmed to receive the first award in front of around 5000 audience.


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