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This June 19th, 2021, the Collabnix community is coming together with JFrog & Docker Bangalore Meetup Group to conduct a meetup event for DevOps practitioners. This will be a 100% virtual event where DevOps mindset, skills, and tools converge. This will be a half-day event that brings together leaders in DevOps and the Cloud-native world to collaborate and learn from each other. We encourage people with technology and business backgrounds to attend, learn and share experiences.

Who can attend?

Primary Audience:

  • DevOps 
  • Practitioners: Solution Architects, SRE, Application Developers, Managers
  • Open Source Maintainers: Includes Projects Leads and Contributors
  • Leaders: Directors, CxOs, Presidents, VPs

We opened CFP last month accepting 30-minute talk proposals from interested speakers. As our conference is fully virtual, we cordially invited all to make a submission (or submissions). Our core audience consisted of DevOps, application developers, open source maintainers, software architects, Product Managers, open-source experts, IoT and application security professionals.

We welcomed submissions on perennially popular technical topics related to DevOps technologies listed below:

  • Continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • DevSecOps
  • Open Source Technology
  • Release Orchestration
  • Application Development
  • Automation
  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Microservices
  • Software Delivery Management
  • Cloud-Native
  • Monitoring and Observing Containers in Production
  • Managing Deployment Configuration (IaC)
  • Container Security Best Practices
  • Using Containers in Test Environments
  • DevOps Tools(Docker, Chef, Puppet, PowerShell, Kubernetes, GitHub, Ansible, SaltStack, Capistrano, Jenkins)
  • DevOps/Cloud Infra (Virtualization, Containerization, Orchestration, Microservices, Cloud Computing (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, OpenStack).
  • DevOps Real World Experience – technology adoption examples, real-life implementation scenarios, best practices, and insights from real companies. 
  • Culture and Processes
  • Infrastructure as code

Our Speakers

Yes, It’s gonna be LIVE!

This is purely a live, online meetup event. We will be using the StreamYard platform for all our speakers to present their talk while the participants will get a chance to ask queries and watch the sessions via YouTube and other social media platform(will be announced shortly)

Goodies and Swags

Thanks to JFrog Team for being our event sponsors. In addition to the great speakers and sessions lined up, the active participants will get a chance to win T-shirts, swags, stickers, and surprise gifts. So what are you waiting for? Check out the below links to RSVP for this upcoming event.

See you there !

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