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Top Reasons Why You Should Opt for an LMS That Facilitates Association Learning

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Associations offer a variety of potential advantages to their members. They not only provide members with a place to network with people who share similar interests or work in the same sector, but they also generally provide members with opportunities to enhance their education and acquire significant industry certifications. Organizations that seek to streamline the learning process often invest in an association learning management system.

The Association Learning Management System can be described as a platform that helps in engaging members, adding value to them, and building a fantastic learning and knowledge-sharing community. Furthermore, LMS like Bridge App, which supports association learning provides a platform for managing and streamlining all tasks associated with the association’s learning and training programs. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose an LMS that supports association learning:

1. It is capable of producing Gated Content


With Gated content, the Association Learning Management System distinguishes between resources available solely to members and materials available to everyone. This typically indicates that you must be logged in or have access to the contents in order to view them. This feature allows you to truly tailor your material for your members. It distinguishes the learning programs and provides value to them. Non-dues money can also be generated by giving paid content to both members and non-members.

2. It enhances Scalability

The best Association Learning Management System is one that adjusts to your changing requirements. As the number of members increases, the LMS gives the capacity to scale and respond to maximum memberships as needed, as well as provide member interaction, share points, and a huge network that is scalable without affecting LMS functions in terms of speed, reliability, and so on.

3. It provides Certifications

Once participants have passed all required quizzes and tests, your LMS can issue them a certificate or paper indicating that they have completed the courses. Learners are also able to store them for their own records because association LMS provides the facility to download and/or print them. This course takeaway is ideal for bringing to job interviews, adding to a CV, or posting on their LinkedIn pages.

4. It offers Software and apps that are tightly interwoven

The association LMS usually includes 100+ software and application integrations that are firmly linked to the platform via the Single Sign-On feature. The integrations allow for smooth data movement between systems and give the impression of working on a single platform rather than managing several.

5. It allows Learners to Self-Create Material

Self-creation of content, also known as content authoring, empowers you to choose your course content and construct courses as you want. An authoring tool integrated into an association LMS enables content generation in a simple and quick manner. This enhances your eCommerce capabilities and keeps your members engaged.

6. It allows for Easy Tracking of Reports and Data

An association LMS that is equipped with analytics and data allows administrators to easily determine the relevance of courses offered to users. It also demonstrates how associations may improve to increase participation and establish a stronger community. Tracking can also provide information about whether or not course changes are necessary.

7. It has powerful eCommerce Capabilities

The Association LMS enables course selling and online payment alternatives, as well as serves as a useful revenue generator. The features usually aid in cost-cutting initiatives, such as having an in-built authoring tool rather than investing in an independent course authoring tool. This would save delivery time and add value to the organization.

8. It is economical

The most cost-effective association LMS system is usually packed with capabilities and gives the correct functionality according to your needs. Also, the LMS is easy to integrate with your existing systems, such as an AMS or CRM, and this, in turn, makes it simple and quick to share and receive information between various systems.


Other capabilities of AMS systems include online payment processing, event management, and reporting. Furthermore, they frequently, but not always, include complete learning management systems, which give numerous benefits to both employees and members.

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Ajeet Raina Docker Captain, ARM Innovator & Docker Bangalore Community Leader.

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