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2019 Year in Review: The Rise of Pico, Collabnix Slack & DockerLabs

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2019 was a transformational year for Collabnix. With major initiatives like DockerLabs, Pico project & Slack, the site attracted around millions of users worldwide. This year Collabnix bagged top position in the “The Most Loved Docker Articles & Blogs” officially announced by Docker, Inc.

1,480,472 visitors this year…

This year, Collabnix attracted millions of users worldwide with top location as “US”. France, New Jersey & Germany as the leading locations too.

Below are the list of top 5 blog posts which attracted 50% of the total visits during Jan 2019 – Dec 2019:

1850+ Collabnix Slack members

Early this year, Collabnix Slack channel was introduced to bring all Docker & Kubernetes enthusiasts under one umbrella. Within 4 months, it crossed 1k users registration which is surely an overwhelming figure. Till date, it has crossed 1850+ registration and lots of new initiatives have been introduced. A HUGE THANKS to Docker & k8s community members for all their support.

2000+ unique attendees..

In last 6-7 months, Docker Bengaluru Meetup attracted 2000+ unique attendee which is really inspiring. Docker Bengaluru saw 400+ attendance, in average and that too on Saturdays which shows that Docker is still an exciting technology platform for DevOps world.

This year, we conducted 30+ Meetup events all across Bangalore & India. In total. Special thanks to the below list of community members for their tireless contributions:

  • Sangam Biradar, EngineITOps
  • Saiyam Pathak, Walmart Labs
  • Savio Mathew, Publicis Sapient
  • Apurva Bhandari, Vuclip
  • Vinay Agrawal, Dell Technologies
  • Suman Chakraborty, SAP Labs
  • Naman Bajpayee, Docker Chandigarh Meetup
  • Prashansa Kulshrestha, UPES Dehradun
  • Balasundaram Nataraj, OnMobile
  • Rohan Mangal, AWS

The Rise of Pico: The Grace Hopper Celebration India

This November, Pico got selected for the Grace Hopper Celebration India event which attracted around 5000+ audience. In case you’re new, Pico is an open source project which helps in implementing object detection & analytics(Deep Learning) using Docker on IoT devices like Raspberry Pi & Jetson Nano in no minutes. The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC) is a series of conferences designed to bring the research and career interests of women in computing to the forefront. It is the world’s largest gathering of women in computing.

Pico took me to various places like Kochi, Vellore, Dehradun & Jaipur. Pico was selected for AWS Community Day 2019 conference which attracted around 750+ audience.

26000+ visits & 550+ stars for DockerLabs

One of the most exciting announcement made early this year was the introduction of DockerLabs. Docker Labs brings you tutorials that help you get hands-on experience using Docker & Kubernetes. Here you will find complete documentation of labs and tutorials that will help you, no matter if you are a beginner, SysAdmin, IT Pro or Developer. There are around 550+ workshop and tutorials around Docker & Kubernetes.In case you are not familiar, do visit
http://dockerlabs.collabnix.com/ for further details.

Special thanks to Sangam Biradar, EngineITops for contributing towards https://gopherlabs.collabnix.com which gained lot of traction within few weeks of time.

Docker Bengaluru crossed 8900+ members

Ever since I took the organizer role for Docker Bengaluru, it has grown exponentially. This year we added around 2300+ members which is definitely a HUGE figure. In average, 400+ audience attended Meetup event which was sufficient enough to excite rest of community members.

Overall, 2019 have been an exciting year for Collabnix.
Thanks for being a part of Collabnix Community! Looking forward to bring more exciting contents & great collaboration in the year ahead.


  • https://dockerlabs.collabnix.com
  • https://kubelabs.collabnix.com
  • https://events.collabnix.com
  • https://webinar.collabnix.com
  • https://gopherlabs.collabnix.com
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Ajeet Raina Docker Captain, ARM Innovator & Docker Bangalore Community Leader.

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