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Docker Storage

What’s New in Docker 17.03 Volume Plugin Architecture & Specification?

Docker, Inc announced initial support for volume driver plugins for the first time under Docker 1.8 release. Since then, there has...
Ajeet Raina
1 min read

Introducing new RexRay 0.8 with Docker 17.03 Managed Plugin System for Persistent Storage on Cloud Platforms

DellEMC Rex-Ray 0.8 Final Release was announced last week. Graduated as top-level project within {code} community, RexRay 0.8 release has been...
Ajeet Raina
2 min read

Docker 1.12 Swarm Mode & Persistent Storage using NFS

Containers are stateless by nature and likely to be short-lived. They are quite ephemeral than VMs. What it actually means? Say,...
Ajeet Raina
4 min read

Docker 1.12.1 Swarm Mode & Persistent Storage with DellEMC RexRay on AWS Platform

“Does Docker Engine 1.12 has storage discovery similar to Service Discovery and Orchestration Feature? What is the Volume/Persistent Storage story in...
Ajeet Raina
5 min read

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