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Avinash Bendigeri Avinash is a developer-turned Technical writer skilled in core content creation. He has an excellent track record of blogging in areas like Docker, Kubernetes, IoT and AI.

Glasskube: Next-Generation Kubernetes Package Manager with Automated Updates and Smart Dependency Management

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Glasskube is a next-generation Kubernetes package manager currently in beta. It simplifies the way you install, upgrade, configure, and manage packages within your Kubernetes cluster.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive UI and Powerful CLI: Manage packages with ease through a user-friendly interface or a familiar brew-inspired CLI.
  • Automatic Updates: Stay up-to-date with automated updates for your Kubernetes packages and applications.
  • Smart Dependency Management: Glasskube intelligently handles dependencies, eliminating the need for manual management.
  • Seamless GitOps Integration: Integrate Glasskube with your existing GitOps workflow using ArgoCD or Flux.
  • Centralized Package Repository: Keep track of all your packages in a single location, with plans for future custom repository support.

Future Features:

  • Cluster Scan: Gain valuable insights into your cluster with planned cluster scanning for better management and upgrades.
  • Version Pinning: Maintain control over package versions with upcoming version pinning functionality.

Getting Started with Glasskube:


  • Install Glasskube via Homebrew
brew install glasskube/tap/glasskube
  • Bootstrap Your Cluster

Once the CLI is installed, the first step is to install the necessary components in your cluster. To do that, run

glasskube bootstrap
  • Start the UI

After successfully bootstrapping your cluster, you are ready to start the package manager UI:

glasskube serve

This command will open http://localhost:8580 in your default browser. Congratulations, you can now explore and install all our available packages! 🎉

Glasskube streamlines the process of installing and managing applications within your Kubernetes cluster. Gone are the days of wrestling with lengthy manifests or relying on complex package managers. With Glasskube, you have two options:

1. Automatic Updates Keep You Secure

Maintaining application security and functionality requires consistent updates. Glasskube automates this process, ensuring your applications are always running the latest versions. This eliminates the need for manual updates and reduces the risk of vulnerabilities.

2. Dependency Management Made Easy

Glasskube takes care of dependency management, a frequent pain point in Kubernetes environments. Packages are designed to be dependency-aware, ensuring all necessary components are installed and configured seamlessly. This removes the complexity of managing dependencies yourself.

Seamless Integration with GitOps

Adhering to GitOps principles allows for infrastructure and applications to be defined and managed as code. Glasskube integrates effortlessly with popular GitOps tools like Flux and ArgoCD. This enables you to leverage your existing GitOps workflow for managing your Kubernetes packages.

Get Started with Glasskube Today

Glasskube is currently in beta, offering a powerful and user-friendly solution for managing applications within your Kubernetes cluster. To learn more and get started, visit the Glasskube GitHub repository:

With its intuitive interface, automated updates, and seamless GitOps integration, Glasskube empowers you to streamline your Kubernetes package management and focus on building your applications.

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Avinash Bendigeri Avinash is a developer-turned Technical writer skilled in core content creation. He has an excellent track record of blogging in areas like Docker, Kubernetes, IoT and AI.
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