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The Ultimate Docker Tutorial for Automation Testing

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If you’re looking out for a $0 cloud-based, SaaS test automation development framework designed for your agile team, TestProject is the right choice for you. TestProject is a community-powered end-to-end automation platform for your web, mobile (Android & iOS) apps as well as API testing. It is an automation platform that aims to create a powerful and collaborative environment for the entire test automation community, without any barriers, and completely free of cost. It is built on top of industry standard open source tools (Selenium & Appium), supports all major operating systems, and ensures quality with speed using advanced built-in recording capabilitiesaddonsreports and analytics dashboards, or develop coded tests using TestProject’s powerful SDK for Java/C#!

100% Free Automation Platform

TestProject is purely a FREE automation platform built on open source tools, with features testers and developers love. It has a cloud-based user interface. It comes with free addons provided directly by the community. TestProject uses best in breed solutions like Selenium and Appium in their framework—with the added benefit of numerous functionalities you don’t have to create from scratch. Selenium and Appium are used in the background. TestProject is like a wrapper on top of Selenium and Appium. 

In this 5-series tutorials, we are going to focus on Docker: What is Docker, how do we set up a Docker environment, and how can we benefit from TestProject Agents in Docker containers? And more! Let’s get started with this ultimate Docker tutorial to accelerate your automation testing! ??

Read rest of the tutorial at TestProject.io website

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Ajeet Raina Docker Captain, ARM Innovator & Docker Bangalore Community Leader.

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