Top 25 Active Chatrooms for DevOps Engineers like You

Top 25 Active Chatrooms for DevOps Engineers like You post thumbnail image

As the tech stacks are becoming more and more complex and business is moving at a fast pace, DevOps Teams worldwide are turning to the communication tools like Slack and Discord to stay productive. Collabnix community is coming together to list out the top 100 active Slack and discord channels for DevOps engineer like you.


Curated List of Workspaces/Channels (in alphebetical order)

All Day DevOps (official)N/A
Azure Stack Blog (official)N/A
CNCF (official)N/A
Collabnix (Official)N/A
DevtronN/A (Official)
Docker (Official) (Unofficial)
Devlio DevChat (Official)N/A
DevOps Chat (Official)N/A
DevOps Engineers (Official)N/A
Grafana (official)N/A
HangOps (Official)N/A
Kubernetes (official)N/A
KubeDailyN/A (official)
OpenFaas (official)N/A
Portainer (Official) (Official)
RedisN/A (Official)
Rancher (official)N/A
Shipa (official)N/A
SweetOps (official)N/A
Thanos#thanos-dev(CNCF) (official)N/A
Bret Fisher’s Vital DevOpsN/A
The Rawkode AcademyN/A
Layer5 (official)N/A

Unable to see your favorite chatroom? No worries. Just raise PR and get it listed.


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