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Learn Puppet with Me – Day 3

Puppet is an open source framework and toolset for managing the configuration of computer systems. Puppet can[…]

How to install Nagios on Linux?

Last week I thought of setting up Nagios on my Linux Box.I installed a fresh piece of[…]

How to configure Directory Indexing in Apache?

While attending RHCE examination, I faced a lot of question related to Apache. While installation and configuration[…]

Installing Open-Xchange on Ubuntu 12.04

I thought of starting my day today with Open-Xchange. I had Vmware Workstation installed on one of[…]

Learn Puppet with Me – Day 2

Today we are going to learn about Puppet Modules. What is Puppet Modules? Puppetlabs defines it as[…]

Learn Puppet With Me – Day 1

Today is the day 1 of Learn Puppet with Me. I am starting this thread for those[…]

How to setup RAID 1 on Ubuntu Linux?

RAID 1 creates a mirror on the second drive. .You will need to create RAID aware partitions[…]

How to setup RAID 0 on Ubuntu Linux?

RAID 0 will create striping to increase read/write speeds as the data can be read and written[…]

How do I bind NIC interrupts to selected CPU?

I read this interesting mailing thread few weeks back. I won’t be late to share this with open[…]

Puppet Module for JBOSS

Recently one of my colleague called me up with a problem statement where he was finding difficulty[…]

Automated shutdown of ESXi and VMs through Powershell

My friend was running a cybercafe center. He has dozens of ESXi running 100 of VMs. He[…]

Installing Java Development Toolkit (JDK) on Linux

Installing Java Development toolkit on Linux is always matter of difficulty since Oracle provides both RPM and[…]

How to setup Domain Name Server (DNS) on Linux?

It has been long I was thinking of writing something about DNS(Domain Name Server). DNS is a[…]

How to test Multicast Packet Filtering?

Today morning I started my day testing with Multicast Packet Filtering. I had buntu 12.04.1 and CentOS[…]

Understanding /proc/cpuinfo

A hyperthreaded processor has the same number of function units as an older, non-hyperthreaded processor. It just[…]

How to setup vsFTP server on Linux?

FTP refers to File Transfer Protocol. By default, Red Hat supports vsftp. If you do minimal RHEL[…]

How to increae Swap space under Linux

“Can Linux be installed without swap space?”. This question was asked to me on one of Linux[…]

How to setup Centralized Logging System on Linux?

I was just hanging around blogs until I cam across one nice piece of setting up centralized[…]

How to create password-less SSH for Linux

Sometimes you might need setting up Password-less SSH for running script or for application where you dont[…]

Installing SMARTFOX Server Pro on Debian

SmartFoxServer is a massive multiplayer platform for building games, MMO communities, virtual worlds, realtime multiplayer games. To[…]

Setting up a Simple Samba Share – Part II

In the previous article we saw the practical implication of setting up a samba share.In this article[…]

Setting up a Simple Samba Share – Part I

Samba is an important component to seamlessly integrate Linux/Unix Servers and Desktops into Active Directory environments using[…]

Fog – An Open Source Cloning Solution

If you are a system admin who is still sticking to Clonezilla, you must probably look out[…]

Introduction to Puppet..

Puppet is an IT automation tool which has already gained popularity among the system admins, developers and[…]

Getting Started with Ansible

Ansible is an IT automation tool. It can configure systems, deploy software, and orchestrate more advanced IT[…]

It was an Openstack Day…OSI 2014

Yesterday I attended Open Source India 2014 event which happened in NIMHANS Convention Center, Bengaluru. If you[…]

Installing Skype on CentOS 6.5

Getting skype working on CentOS 6.5 has been a daunting job for lot of system administrators. Usually[…]

Automating Oracle Weblogic Server installation through shell script

Automation always saves your considerable time. Especially when you have to follow the similar step for hundreds[…]

How to integrate Redmine with Git?

Redmine built through Ruby on Rails has been impressive free and open source web-based project management. I[…]

Running Hadoop on Ubuntu 14.04 ( Multi-Node Cluster)

This is an introductory post on Hadoop for new begineers who want step by step instruction for[…]