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Adding new Host to Docker Swarm & Universal Control Plane through Docker Machine

In our previous post, we spent considerable time in understanding what is Universal Control Plane(UCP) and how[…]

Setting up Docker Hosts on Google Compute Engine using Docker Machine

Docker Machine enables a simplified approach to set up Docker hosts on supported platforms, including Linux, Windows,[…]

Docker Container Management using Universal Control Plane

Docker recently announced Universal Control Plane (UCP) beta availability to the public. This tool delivers Enterprise-ready capabilities[…]

How to reconstruct Parted Magic ISO through adding packages from Slackware

Parted Magic is a complete hard disk management solution.Parted Magic is a small live CD/USB/PXE with its[…]

Automating Hyper-V VM deployment & configuration through PowerShell

I am not Microsoft guy but recently I have been asked by my colleague to assist him[…]

Building Docker-Ready Virtual Infrastructure through Docker Machine

“Is VM passe?” ~ this is an important debate ongoing around the globe among the CEOs, CFOs[…]

New Container Network Model @ Docker 1.9

Docker 1.9 new networking is Software Defined Networking (SDN) for containers. Pushing the experimental version to the[…]

Understanding Docker Networking – Part-I

This is a tutorial series for understanding how Docker Networking really works. I have tried to put[…]

How to build .DEB packages through Docker

Building .DEB package is still a daunting process. It involves a series of compiling, linking and building[…]

The Anatomy of Docker Containers

You must be curious about what goes in and out of the running Docker containers. Debugging a[…]

A Docker Deployment Workflow

Docker is an amazing technology and it just simplifies both workflows and communication. Traditionally, the cycle of[…]

Getting access to Docker Formatted Container Images on Red Hat Systems

Just like Docker, Amazon and Red Hat too announced the availability of Docker formatted container images. This[…]

How to get rid of Docker images with no repository?

I had dozens of Docker containers and images running on my host machine. I played around those[…]

Run Dell SYSCFG inside a Docker Container

Docker is all about application. It doesn’t need BIOS, NIC and firmware to run any application. But[…]

Running Docker Private Registry server Frontend UI

Are you planning to setup own Docker private registry in your lab? Are you planning to bring[…]

How to setup Mediawiki in seconds using Docker?

I still follow the same old traditional mediawiki software to track the roadmap, knowledge base articles, latest[…]

Running Docker containers on Windows

Are you a Microsoft enthusiast? Do you want to try running containers on Windows platform? Then you[…]

Highlights from the Dockercon 2015

Last month at San Francisco @ Dockercon15, there were numerous exciting announcement which includes runtime container called[…]

How to access Docker namespace?

It is never recommended to install openssh-server on the container for just mere shell access. It is always[…]

How to Link multiple Docker containers together?

Today we are going to look at an interesting concept of linking containers. In our previous post,[…]

Setting up LAMP stack in a Docker container

Yesterday evening I decided to spend time on setting up LAMP( Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) stack[…]

How to push Docker Image to Docker Hub Registry?

This is step by step guide on how to push Docker Image to Docker Hub registry. To[…]

Automate the Bare Metal Provisioning Process through Puppet Razor

This blog post describes how to automate the bare metal provisioning of physical and virtual machines through[…]

Getting Started with Docker – Part-II

In my previous blog post we talked about how to pull images, create containers, start and stop the[…]

Getting Started with Docker – Part-1

This is a step by step guide for getting started with Docker. This guide starts with a[…]

Running Hadoop over Lustre

This blog post describes how to run Apache Hadoop over the open source distributed parallel file system[…]

Running Puppet on Solaris

Few months back I tried setting up Puppet on Solaris platform. Puppetlabs provides bits for Puppet Enterprise[…]

A Dirty Guide to iPerf

By default, the Iperf client connects to the Iperf server on the TCP port 5001 and the[…]

Setting up OpenStack Juno with 1 controller and compute node

Here is a helpful script which just setup 1 OpenStack Juno controller and 1 compute node in[…]

Orchestrating Docker using Puppet

Dockers containers are revolutionizing the cloud computing world, spreading everywhere and powering developers world-wide to automate deployment[…]

How to change Docker Image Installation Directory?

Are you running out of space while creating more and more containers? Here is a guide to[…]

Error: /usr/bin/docker: relocation error

Are you getting the below error while starting with the fresh docker installation on CentOS 7.0? /usr/bin/docker:[…]

How to find dormant users on your Linux Box?

Want to know the inactive users on your Linux machine who have not been using the machine[…]

How to enable Docker behind the firewall?

Are you working in restricted corporate environment? Are you looking for how to run Docker behind the[…]

Restrict maximum simultaneous logins on Linux

Want to restrict simultaneous number of logins attempt on Linux machine? Here is the quick way of[…]

PowerCLI Cookbook Published !!

I am very thrilled and excited about Packtpub publisher’s recently published “PowerCLI Cookbook”. I have been part[…]

VMware vSphere Internals Q/A

Welcome Readers !! This is a second series of VMware vSphere Q/A which is emphasized on ESXi[…]

Understanding Docker Container Architecture

What is Docker? Docker is a lightweight containerization technology that has gained widespread popularity in recent years.[…]

Introduction to Docker Containers

Docker is a new open source tool based on Linux container technology (LXC). LXC is an OS[…]

VMware vSphere High Availability Q/A

Looking for VMware vSphere High Availability based Interview questions? I have attempted to gather important interview questions[…]

How to setup Salt Halite on CentOS 6.5

Setting up Salt Halite is not straightforward process. Its a WebUI for Salt master where you can[…]

SaltStack on CentOS 6.5

SaltStack is an extremely fast and scalable systems and configuration management software for predictive orchestration, cloud and[…]

100 Hadoop Interview Questions

Are you preparing for Hadoop Interview? Have you spent last several hours to get the collection of[…]

Learn Puppet With Me – Day 4

In today’s session, we are going to quickstart writing a basic puppet module. A Very simple example[…]